You’re here because your relationship with food and your body is holding you back from becoming the person you want to be and living the life you want to lead.

You’re ready to free yourself from the never-ending addiction-restriction cycle (no matter how strong your self will) and clear space for love, connection, purpose, and a richer experience of life. You know control isn't the answer. You know you’re capable of reconnecting with your body, listening to its signals, healing yourself, and living intuitively. You just haven’t found your way there yet. 

I’m here to show you a brand new way to move forward, where control and self-sabotage are replaced with transformative tools that connect you with your intuition and create permanent positive change in your body, mind, and soul.

Through my own healing journey from emotional and disordered eating and various related health issues, I've learned that no outside remedy (no matter how organic or holistic) will bring you peace if you do not address the root of your problems. A deeper approach is required to achieve long-lasting freedom around food, your body, and your health.


36Approach: Together, we unearth the root of your food and body struggles and break through the physical, mental, and emotional blocks that have prevented you from shifting your consciousness in this area of your life. We must take an all-inclusive approach to investigate your limiting beliefs and systematically change how you relate to food, your body, and yourself. Anything less will not lead you to sustainable success, freedom, and growth.

Connection & Support: I tried to do this all on my own. I practiced mindful eating and exercise, listening to my body, meditation, journaling, reciting affirmations, yoga, etc. I thought if I could just learn more and harness my willpower, I would finally be OK. But this only led to more internal battles and confusion. Self will is not the answer. You need to stop fighting yourself (AKA self will). You need to connect with someone who has been in your shoes and is now free. I'm here to support you and hold a sacred space for your healing.

Accountability: Commitment is the key to lasting transformation. While you learn how to commit to yourself and consistently follow through, I provide the structure and accountability you need to move forward, stay on your path, and reprogram your mind and body one step at a time. 

Meditation & Yoga: In my own experience, meditation and Kundalini Yoga set the stage for my recovery, and my personal practice continues to support me every day. If you're interested in learning how to meditate or would like to start a personal meditation and/or yoga practice, I would be my honor to teach you. I offer a variety of mindful methods uniquely curated to keep you aligned with your highest self throughout the transformation process.

Are you ready to start healing your relationship with food, your body, and yourself? I invite you to apply for a free consultation, where I'll guide you through the discovery process, and we'll decide if my program is the support system you need to achieve your goals.