Letting Go of Old Eating Patterns

We’re taught that the only thing constant is change. And we crave that change. Yet, it somehow feels easier to stay stuck in old eating patterns that no longer serve us.

Even with a strong desire to change, many of us continue on the same cycle for years and years and years — mindlessly overeating, intentionally undereating, obsessively controlling, permitting ourselves to use food as a drug when we’re not hungry, restricting even when our stomachs are growling, or bouncing from one uncomfortable behavior to the next.

We repeat tired experiments in an attempt to break free, but experience similar results, and fall right back into the old rhythm. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Consciously or unconsciously, we hold ourselves back, in a place where we feel safe, because we can predict what’s going to happen (even if it's not pretty!).

When we’re in this place, we’re denying our intuition, creativity, and the flow of the universe in which we live. When we’re disconnected from ourselves (and our bodies) and out of alignment with what we actually want and need, we end up suffering.

And when we suffer, we seek outside solutions, often in the form of a new diet or way of eating, or we simply promise ourselves to get “back on track” with whatever form of control worked for periods of time in the past. We call on our willpower and cross our fingers that the new plan will stick this time around and we’ll miraculously feel better about ourselves. 

With this approach, we often end up back where we started. Even when the outcomes are different, even if we’ve “totally changed” the way we eat, the reality we desire still feels out of reach. And the harder we try to let go, the more we fuel the fire of obsession. 

The truth is, choosing to “let go” alone will not heal your relationship with food. We’ve all tried this. We continue to hold onto familiar habits in some way, shape, or form because we haven’t experienced something greater - an approach to connecting with ourselves, others, our goals, and the world around us. 

The ego (fear-based mind) wants to stay right where it is. It believes there’s benefit to sticking with the same routine. It’s the voice in your head saying, “Even though dieting hasn’t worked in the past, maybe it will this time!” The ego serves to protect us from danger, after all. But, that doesn’t mean it’s always right.

When we’re shown a new way, a new way to approach food, our bodies, and everything else that creates our experience in this world, we can take our power back from the addiction that once had a hold on us. Letting go then becomes a more natural process. 

Rather than seeing letting go as something you must do, why not work on shifting your perspective to a place, where you truly look at things differently - where you see yourself, your body, and the world, in a new light - in order for things to change?

How can you develop this new perspective? By committing to practices and making choices that expand your understanding and give you a new awareness of yourself. In this newfound view, you can see why and how you do the things you do, which makes it easier to take it easy on yourself and allow the natural flow of positive change to take place.

So, as you develop as a human on this planet of ours, learn to connect with yourself, and start to become the person you want to be, the letting go happens to you. This miracle is available to anyone and everyone who chooses to take a new path that leads to greater awareness and understanding of who they are.

To those of you who continue to feel stuck in the cycle of diet vs. binge, control vs. crazy, allowed vs. forbidden: There is something within you that’s stuck in the old pattern, the old conditioning.

In order to see different results, we have to be open to a new perspective, a new way of approaching life. You have to make yourself and your growth a priority each day, and never give up. 

Just because you haven’t figured it out yet, doesn’t make it any less available to you.

If you’re ready to take a new approach in your relationship with food, your body, and most importantly, yourself, I invite you to connect with me here.

Sending you a big hug!