What I Do

I guide women to overcome emotional and disordered eating and thrive in recovery. I support them in dropping the excess physical, mental, and emotional weight keeping them from becoming who they're meant to be. For most of my life, I struggled with my body and relationship with food. When I finally discovered the root of my food and exercise addiction, I was able to quit searching for the perfect diet, stop obsessing over food, love and trust my body, and elevate my entire life. My mission is to be a lighthouse for those we are ready to heal, reclaim their power, and ignite their inner light. 

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Your intentions have always been good. You want to love, trust, and nourish yourself. You want to feel beautiful, confident, and at home in your own skin. But no diet, supplement, exercise, treatment, therapy, outlook, or strategy has led you to true freedom around food, your body, and your health. I'm here to show you a new path to healing that will change the way you think, eat, move, and live your life. Take my hand and let me guide you to heal your relationship with food and your body and become the highest version of yourself. 

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